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Welcome to #1 Breast Implants Center in Mumbai, India- Alluremedspa !

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

If you’re unhappy with your breast size or shape, then breast implants procedure can provide you a great relief. Many women today are opting breast enhancement procedure which involves use of breast implants, to alter bust line. This procedure is helping women achieve their desired bust line along with boost in their confidence and self-esteem level. Procedure of breast augmentation is commonly known as breast implant surgery. It involves placing implants (chosen by surgeon and patient) underneath the breast tissue to increase the bust size. Normally patients choose to enhance their cup size by one or two. This is a completely safe surgery and patients can go home after spending just one night at the clinic. Although, results of the surgery are not instant and patient feel some swelling, soreness at the initial stages. For smooth and safe recovery they must follow guideline given by the surgeon.

Technically breast implants are a prosthesis consisting of a gel-like or fluid material in a flexible sac, implanted behind or in place of a female breast in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. There are two popular choice of breast implants used for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation procedure. First one is saline implant filled with sterile saline solution and second one is silicone implants which are filled with silicone gel.

 Best Breast Implants | Breast Augmentation center in Mumbai, India

Patients are free to choose any type of breast implants they need, but popular choice among women today are Silicone breast implants as they provide natural feel. Implants are placed with following five types of incisions and those are: Inframammary, Periareolar, Transaxillary, Trans umbilical and Trans abdominal.
At Alluremedspa, we offer several procedure for enhancing the size and shape of your breasts. These methods of breast enhancement have helped many women in finding their dream bust line. Below you can find a brief introduction about the types of breast implants methods.

Celebrity Surgeon- Dr Milan Doshi

Best Breast Implant Surgeon Mumbai India

Breast Implant Surgeon -Dr.Milan Doshi

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon for any of your cosmetic surgery would be the most important decision, you’ll have to make. Patient can begin their search by looking at the doctor’s credential and qualifications. When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for breast implant surgery, one must look at the individual’s work on previous patients undergone same procedure and make sure that this individual you choose follows strict regulation’s to avoid any complication.

Dr.Milan Doshi is world renowned celebrity cosmetic surgeon. He achieved recognition from the official Indian Medical Board, and plus he is also the member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. HE is Co-founder and medical director of Alluremedspa. It’s ISO 2001:2008 Certified and the most advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Mumbai, INDIA. He is actively involved in Indian medical association and the Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai…… Read more

Best Cosmetic Surgery Center- Alluremedspa

 Best Breast Implants center  Mumbai, India | AlluremedspaAlluremedspa is the trusted name all over the world;When you’re looking for a breast implants center. Co-founded by Dr.Milan Doshi, Alluremedspa is located at Andheri and Goregaon in city that never sleeps; Mumbai. We have patients coming from all over the globe to enhance their bust line, and from time and time again they have walked out with a big smile on their face. We know a cosmetic surgery is not just to enrich your physical appearance, but also to enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

Alluremedspa pride itself in providing world class facility and service to its patients. We have latest technological equipment to handle your entire requisite. We provide excellent post-surgery facility to help patient recover smoothly and safely. Our staffs are professionally trained and are always there to help with any requests one might have.

To find out more about Breast Implant cost or to organize a consultation, contact us today on +91 9869041559 or Email your queries to us at

Our Procedures

Areola Incision

Areola Incision/Breast Augmentation Mumbai IndiaIncision is made just beyond the nipple region, and to be specific the darker area of the skin adjacent to nipple known as areola. Incision is made, so darker tissue can meet lighter breast tissue serving scar to blend in… Read more

Armpit Incision

Armpit Incision/breast implants Mumbai IndiaThis incision is preferred when patient ask for larger breast implants as this incision doesn’t produce any visible scarring. As the name suggest incision is made at the armpit region. Patients also recover effortlessly compare to other incision method… Read more

High Profile Breast Implants
High Profile Breast Implants Mumbai India

Patient can choose silicone or saline as their implant while choosing high profile breast surgery. Procedure provides excellent result and it’s a popular choice among older women. Area of incision is near breast region… Read more

Inframammary breast Implant

Inframammary breast Implant Mumbai IndiaAlong with natural contour Inframammary breast Implant procedure provides a natural texture to breasts. It’s one of the safest breast implant procedure. Area of incision is usually under the breast region… Read more

Low Profile Breast Implants

Low Profile Breast Implants Mumbai IndiaIt’s a popular choice among women in their early twenties and who has a wider framed body. Procedure provides women with lifted and tighter breasts. It can also get rid of the saggy breasts to give more natural contour… Read more

Round Breast Implants

Round Breast Implants Mumbai IndiaSoft, smooth implants are used to give breasts a lifted look, and this lifted look is achieved due to more fluid contains in implants. Preferred area of incision is underside of the breast region. This is one of the most requested implant procedure… Read more

Saline Implants

Saline Implants Surgery Mumbai IndiaIncision is smaller than any other kind of breast implant and hence scars if any are faded away quickly. These implants are filled with sterile salt-water solution. This implant procedure is popular among women in their early twenties… Read more

Silicone Implant

Silicone Implant Surgery Mumbai IndiaSilicone implants are silicone shells filled with silicone plastic gel. It’s a popular choice implants among most women as they provide natural feel. Depending on patients body type area on incision is selected… Read more

Subglandular Breast Implants

Subglandular Breast Implants Mumbai IndiaIncision is not made at the muscle region of the body, and the only incision made is at the skin and the fat area. Procedure helps in creating more appealing cleavage line. Biggest advantage is implants are placed at the same region of breasts… Read more

Submuscular Breast Implants

Submuscular Breast Implants Mumbai IndiaWomen with small cleavage opt for Submuscular Breast Implants. Procedure helps them achieve fuller bust line. Implants are placed underneath the pectoral muscle in the chest. Proper diet and surgeon’s guidelines must be followed post-surgery… Read more

Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop Breast Implants Mumbai IndiaThis procedure provides lot more projection than any other type of implant. Name is suggested due to breast shape achieved. Area of incision can be discussed during consultation with the doctor… Read more

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Ask Your Surgeon

How much does breast implants cost?

The cost of breast implants depends on several factors. For estimated cost of breast implant call us on +91 98690 41559 to know our cost. For detail information regarding procedure and any other queries you might have we can arrange a consultation with the plastic surgeon. Our surgeon would examine individual, and accordingly would draw a plan best suited to individual’s body.

What Results Can I Expect?

As with any other cosmetic surgery goal of breast implants is to achieve results which would boost your confidence and achieve cleavage which you desire. Patient must realise that results are not immediate. For first few weeks patient would feel some soreness and swelling, but once the implants settle they’ll become softer providing natural appearance. Following weeks they’ll feel softer.

When can I resume my regular activity?

Breast implant is completely safe and simple procedure which requires you to spend just a night in the clinic after surgery. During initial period patient might feel bit discomfort, as she may feel heavy and tight right after the surgery and breathing could be an issue. Patient’s sleeping position must be upright and straight for a few weeks. Once you return home you can’t go back to work one must at least take 7 to 10 days of bed rest. Patient must avoid any heavy lifting and exercise for few weeks and follow guidelines by surgeons. Generally patient’s go back to their normal activity within two weeks. Read more

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