Breast Implants with Lift

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An aesthetically appealing body has a good shape. For a woman, a good shape includes a good bust line. This necessarily means good breast. One of the woman’s most interesting assets is the breast, which adds an overall sense of beauty and femininity to her. A good bust line can make a woman look younger, slimmer, and prettier. However, not everyone is blessed with a perfect body. Breasts like most body parts tend to sag at times. Low, droopy, saggy breasts that are unattractive and an obstacle. A bad bust line makes you look fat and unattractive, not to mention it hampers your fashion choices. The best solution to combat these issues is breast augmentation with a lift. Breast Implants with Lift or Augmentation Mammoplasty as it is called is a procedure that gives a firm, perky, and more artistically lovely shape to floppy breasts. At Allure Medspa, we believe in bringing out your inherent beauty through a combination of technology and the excellent skills of Dr. Milan Doshi.

Procedure for Breast Implants with Lift

The procedure is preceded by counseling wherein you can discuss with the surgeon on your options of implants. Breast Implants with Lift is performed under anesthesia and every effort to minimize scarring. During your procedure, your breast tissue will be lifted and redesigned and the Areola (pigmented area around the nipple) will be enhanced for an aesthetically lovely exterior. Implants will be inserted to create volume where it is essential to give the perfect shape and wholesome beauty to your breast.

Breast Implants with Lift Recovery

Breast Implants with life surgery are followed by soreness and discomfort which is tolerable. Pain medication will be prescribed to you to deal with this ache. You will be provided with a compression garment that will help soothe the soreness, reduce swelling, and accelerate healing. Most women resume their routine activities in about a week. However, laborious activities are not allowed for a few weeks.

Breast Implants with Lift Before and After Photos

Cosmetic surgery is a subject in which people find it hard to base their opinion on just studies, and we live in an age where we want a visual copy of everything and only after indulging our eyesight, we feel comfortable in taking tough decisions. For your own purpose, you can see many before and after pictures of our patients, and contemplate how they have achieved their dream contour.

Breast Implants with Lift Cost

How much does Breast Implants with Lift cost in Mumbai? Breast Lift Surgery is a procedure that helps to raise and reshape droopy, saggy breasts at a transparent price between INR 1,10,000 and INR 1,30,000. Breast Implants with Lift Costas Allure MedSpa, we offer the best treatment with the aid of the best technology. Doctor Milan Doshi whose expertise and knowledge is renowned spearheads our operations.…

Armpit Incision Breast Implants

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Am I the right candidate for the Armpit Incision implant method?

What is the procedure of Armpit Incision like?

What are the advantages of choosing Armpit Incision?

Where can I see previous patients’ pictures of Armpit Incision?

Where can I call for my personal queries?

Breast implants are now a common procedure among women, and reasons for such a common occurrence vary with each woman. Genetics, pregnancy, and weight are among common factors which influence the shape and size of breasts. There are many incision methods through which breast implant surgery is performed. Armpit incision is also known as Transax breast augmentation and Transaxillary breast augmentation.

Prospective patients should cross-age limit of 18 years before they can opt for any kind of breast augmentation method. The patient should also be in a healthy physical and psychological state before she can under the knife. Patients are asked to bring some medical and blood reports during their consultation. Finding a surgeon with prior experience in performing Armpit Incision is important while finding a surgeon. Since the incision is made away from the breast not many surgeons prefer this method as placement of implants becomes difficult. The patient should ask the surgeon the risk involved with surgery prior to the surgery.

Armpit Incision Procedure

The procedure can be performed in two ways; first of all, there is a blind method which means an endoscope is not used and a second meth endoscope camera is used to perform surgery. The procedure method is decided by the surgeon and the choice of method doesn’t influence the result. After placing implants incisions are closed by making sutures.

Advantages of Armpit Incision

  • For larger breast implants it’s a preferred method as there is no need for incision on breast region.
  • Scars even if visible are impossible to associate with breast implants and scars on breast are none.
  • There is no need for dissections and there won’t be any scars on breasts.
  • Recovery is comparatively stress-free than other type of incision method as there is no need for any cuts.

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Areola Breast Implants

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Am I the right candidate for areola incision?

Where can I see previous patients’ result images?

What are the risks involved with areola incisions?

What are the benefits of choosing an areola incision?

How long would be the recovery period?

Areola Incision is also known as Periareolar breast augmentation or ‘nipple’ incision. It’s important to note that an incision is not made on the exact nipple region. The big advantage of choosing an areola incision is in any plane breast implants could be placed. An example would be; over or partially under the muscle and completely under the muscle implants are placed. No new incisions are required once areola incisions are made. There are almost no complications with such incision and some other complications like capsular contracture and hematoma are repaired with the help of an areola incision.

Areola incision Procedure

Procedure incision is made on the lower edge of the areola. After placing the implants incision is closed with a hidden, dissolvable suture, and if there are any wounds they are covered with tissue, gauze, and a small clear dressing. A sports bra is placed post-surgery for recovery purposes. This incision method is not popular among the young woman population as with areola incision there is a higher chance of losing the ability to breastfeed and sensation around nipple region. Before you reach any firm conclusion consult with an expert and qualified surgeon prior to the surgery.

Post-Operative Recovery      

The recovery process is quite similar to other breast implants procedure. Some pain or swelling is but once implants get settled they’ll soften to give a more natural look. The patient can go home after a couple of hours post-surgery to rest. The patient can perform regular activities like shampooing and showering after they feel good. Generally, patients return to their work-related activity in 3-4 days after surgery, but heavy physical activity should be avoided for at least five weeks. Remember not to drain or use chest wraps, and keep using sports bra till you fully recover.…

Low Profile Breast Implant

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Who can choose the Low Profile Breast Implant procedure?

What is a surgical procedure of Low Profile Breast Implant like?

How quickly do patients recover post-surgery?

Where can I find previous pictures of Low Profile Breast Implant patients?

Advancement in breast implants allows the plastic surgeon to choose the implants best suited to the patient’s body type to give a natural-looking flawless figure. Many women feel growing old gracefully is a thing of the past, and they are conscious about the way they look. Different women face different issues with breasts, but with age, many women lose perkiness and their breast becomes saggy. Sometimes even young females are unhappy with their bust line, and for such concerns with breast, a low-profile breast implants procedure is designed.

The procedure of Low Profile Breast Implant

Before jumping on the surgical table there are a few guidelines that everyone should know. The patient must cross-age of 18 years before she can opt for any type of breast augmentation surgery. She must discuss her queries and expectations with an expert cosmetic surgeon. After analyzing your body and weight surgeon would express whether low profile implants are suitable for you. Perfect candidates for low-profile breast augmentation surgery are women who want a lifted and tighter bust line.

The procedure is performed after making an incision at the breast region and infusing the patient with anesthesia. Later, choice of implants of patients: Silicon or saline are inserted. Surgery is concluded by closing the opening with sutures. End result of surgery is beautiful natural breasts.

Post-Operative Recovery      

Low Profile Breast Implant results are not instant; for the first few weeks breasts would be swollen, but once they get settled they’ll soften to give a more natural look. Once you return home you can’t go back to work. Patients must take 7 to 10 days of bed rest. The sleeping position must be upright and straight for a few weeks. Patients with Low Profile Breast implants are almost always happy with their results.

Before and After

Here you can see previous patients of Low Profile Breast Implant at Allure medspa.

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